Enabling catechists to transmit the Gospel...
Capacitando a los catequistas para transmitir el Evangelio...
                                                                                                                                (General Directory for Catechesis #235)

ASF Office of Religious Education
Welcome to Archdiocese of Santa Fe Office of Religious Education.
​          Bienvenidos a la Oficina de Educación Religiosa de la Arquidiócesis de Santa Fe
ASF Office of Religious Education ® 4000 St Joseph Place NWAlbuquerque,NM 87120

Feed the Hungry Day -  Thank You to all who assisted, attended and held food drives for this day of retreat, reflection, formation and service. Over 100 bags (3000+ pounds of food) were sent to those in need with St. Vincent de Paul Conferences from across the Archdiocese.


  The new Safe Environment training program for children to be used by every parish and mission in the       Archdiocese of Santa Fe, beginning in the upcoming Catechetical Year (2018-2019), is called Circle of Grace
 and was developed by the Archdiocese of Omaha. 

The Circle of Grace is...
The love and goodness of God that surrounds us and all others.
The recognition that God is always with us and is there to help us in difficult situations.
Holds our very essence in mind, heart, soul, body and sexuality encompassing all of our senses.

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