Enabling catechists to transmit the Gospel...
Capacitando a los catequistas para transmitir el Evangelio...
                                                                                                                                (General Directory for Catechesis #235)
ASF Office of Religious Education



The Archdiocese of Santa Fe entered into Chapter 11 Reorganization during the first week of December, 2018. 
  The utmost concern is for the victims of abuse. Our prayers are with them.
The Annual Catholic Appeal Foundation (ACA) is not part of the Chapter 11 filing. 
ACA is separately incorporated and funding is not available for legal claims.
ACA remains a significant source of funding for the ministries and services of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe
throughout this process and beyond. Christ's loving work must endure through this.
Thank you for continuing to support these efforts!

“In the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, Lay Ecclesial Ministry is of paramount importance. This is not a debatable point. It is not something that would be nice if we could do it. This is something that we celebrate, that we cherish, that we treasure. Lay Ecclesial Ministry is vitally important to this local church. To my mind as Archbishop, I put it at the very top of my list. One of the most important things we are about is nurturing, developing and supporting and furthering Lay Ecclesial Ministry.” 
"En la Arquidiócesis de Santa Fe, el Ministerio Eclesial Laico es de suma importancia. Este no es un punto discutible. No es algo que sería bueno si pudiéramos hacerlo. Es algo que celebramos, que apreciamos, que atesoramos. El Ministerio Eclesial Laico es de vital importancia para esta iglesia local. En mi opinión, como Arzobispo, lo pongo en el primer lugar de mi lista. Una de las cosas más importantes de las que nos ocupamos es nutrir, desarrollar y apoyar y fomentar el Ministerio Eclesial Laico".